How often wash dog bed

Just as you wash your bedsheets and opt for mattress cleaning services, it is crucial to wash your canine bed as well. Dogs are quite heroes in bringing peace and love to our lives, but they are also good at bringing debris, fleas, or mud on their beds.  Well, you need to clean your dog beds to keep them healthy and safe as the smelly and dirty bed can lead to allergies, irritation, and skin problems for your dog.

Reasons you should wash dog Bed 

There are a lot of reasons why you should wash your dog beds with examples like:

  • To remove harmful germs from their beds. Just as you would regularly wash your bedsheets, it is important to tidy up the dog’s bed. It can be disgusting if your dog lies on his urine or feces inside his bedding.
  • To keep away bed bugs, fleas, and other unwanted parasites that can harm your pet’s health.
  • To keep it fresh and comfortable. Washing your canine bed alone is not enough in keeping it clean. You need to make sure that you follow the proper steps for washing your dog’s bed. It is important to prepare the proper washing machine detergent that can help keep your dog’s bed clean and healthy.

How to Clean Dog Bed?  

You will need to follow the steps properly to prevent scratches on the puppy’s delicate skin. For washing, you can use your regular detergent and warm water. Make sure that you do not add too much detergent as it can irritate your pet’s skin. You can soak them into cold water if it is too hard before rinsing thoroughly. You can also use the dog shampoo to clean the bedding. After washing, it is important to dry your dog’s bedding. You should air dry these dogs’ bedding to not make them moldy. After drying, you can put on clean and fresh sheets for your canine friend!

How often wash dog bed  

Well, the washing period depends on the frequency of the dog’s spots and the material of your dog’s bed. If your puppy has a lot of doggy spots in his bed, you need to wash it once a week, while if there are few on its bed, you only have to clean it twice a month. Most people don’t realize that their pet is as prone to allergies as they are. Fleas eggs cause these allergies; they are tiny organisms that are hard to remove from the dog’s fur, but they can trigger allergies in your pet.  Most people think that the fleas died in the fur, but they lay eggs in it. These eggs can remain there and hatch when your pet has contact with a person or another animal. The next thing you know, you are now faced with a previously healthy dog suffering from food and environmental allergies. So, you need to wash your dog’s bed more often if they are more prone to skin allergies and irritations. Moreover, keep more than 1 dog bed at the different places at your home so that you can switch them without much hassle.

Summing Up 

The dog bed wholesale is a convenient way to provide comfort and protection for your dog from different elements such as fleas and bacteria. However, you need to clean them more often so that your little friend can be safe and healthy. Explore our list of best dog beds and other dog accessories.

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