Is Dog Daycare Safe for Puppies?

After getting new puppies, many dog owners would start thinking about how to take care of these little furry pets, especially when they are busy. This is where a dog daycare center comes into the picture. But there are always concerns about the safety of dog daycare for puppies.

Is dog daycare safe for puppies? Should you enroll your puppy in a daycare facility? These are important questions that will be answered below.

Dog daycare is safe for puppies but not recommended

Generally, professional dog daycare is safe for puppies. This is because such a daycare service will be offered by professionals that understand what it takes to take care of puppies regardless of their ages and sizes. Besides, professional daycare for dogs can play a vital role in the way your puppy learns to socialize with other puppies.

However, if you can afford to take care of your puppies yourself, it is considered to be better than dog daycare. Of course, you are adopting a puppy because you want to shower her with love and care. Therefore, it is recommended that you cater to your puppy yourself without enrolling her in a daycare center. This is especially important for the first 6 months of her life.

Tips for ensuring the safety of your puppy in a dog daycare center

Unfortunately, there are numerous cases where you cannot afford to take care of your puppy yourself. Therefore, you may need to take her to a daycare center. In this case, you should do the following to ensure the safety of your canine friend:

· Consider whether your puppy is a good candidate for daycare or not

Irrespective of the quality of dog daycare, some puppies are not just suitable for daycare services. So, you need to consider whether your puppy will do well in a daycare center or not.

If your dog is aggressive, nervous, anxious, or overly shy, she is a bad candidate for daycare. Also, if your dog doesn’t do well in a confined space with other puppies, don’t take her to a daycare center.

· Check out the quality of the daycare center

Before taking your puppy to a dog daycare center, you should spend some time assessing the quality of the center. How does the center treat its puppies? What are the types of playgrounds available? What are the kinds of activities that your dog can enjoy while at the center? These are essential questions that must be answered before enrolling your dog in a daycare center.

Also, you can evaluate the quality of the daycare center through the type of staff members available. Learn more about the training of the employees and how they treat the puppies.

It is suggested that you check out the center during a workday when lots of puppies are available.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t be too busy to take care of your puppy. Spend at least 3 days with your dog each week. If you think you are too busy for a puppy, avoid getting one.

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