Matt Davies Harmony Communities Discusses Why You Should Buy Natural Dog Food


Matt Davies Harmony Communities knows it is possible that you will be startled by the number of dog owners who are unfamiliar with the concept of natural dog food. In layman’s words, it refers to the use of substances that are one hundred percent natural, typically derived from plant or animal sources, and that do not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The Benefits of Natural Dog Food on the Digestive System

When it relates to the state of their digestive systems, dogs and people are very similar. Diet and health are inextricably linked, which means that maintaining a healthy gut requires consuming a diet that is both well-balanced and high in protein. By reading this article, you will find out why natural dog food is indeed the best option for your pet and how making some easy changes to your dog’s diet could benefit his intestinal health and his lifestyle in general.

What Is Natural Dog Food?

A lot of pet parents decide whether to give their canines kibble or wet food based on the price or the brand. But how frequently do you read the back of the dog food packet to find out what exactly is included within it? When compared to the ingredients that are provided by natural dog food brands, the foods that are of poorer quality and cost less money have a significantly different composition of ingredients. Because we are concerned about the quality of the ingredients used in our dishes, Encore prepares them to use as little as three components and as much as seventy-five percent actual meat.

Many dog foods contain as little as 4% meat and the rest of the composition is made up of artificial fillers, additives, and preservatives, which frequently results in poor digestion and gut health in dogs. At Encore, we perceive that mealtime ought to be a pleasure every day for the entire family, including the family pet. Because of this, we have developed a variety of fascinating recipes for natural dog food that will have your canine companions vying with one another to be the first one to try the dish.

Why Is Natural Dog Food Better for A Dog’s Digestive Health?

Recipes for natural dog food that are rich in protein, low in carbohydrates, and contain an abundance of moisture and natural minerals are optimal for the health of canines. Because natural dog food does not have any potentially dangerous chemicals or man-made fillers, it is significantly simpler for the dog to digest. In addition, they have the ideal proportions of moisture, carbs, and vegetables, which guarantees that your dog will have a diet that is both healthy and balanced.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities knows dogs, like people, can experience sensitivities, and as a result, they are frequently very particular about the food that they consume. Natural dog food, such as Encore, contains no artificial colors, additives, or preservatives, making it an excellent choice for canines with food sensitivities or allergies. It is a well-known fact that dogs whose diets consist primarily of natural ingredients have significantly reduced levels of waste product excretion. This is because the natural ingredients in their meals include fewer by-products.

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