Things to Consider Before Buying a Cage of c&c for your Guinea Pig

Selecting one C and C cage for the Guinea pigs out of so many in the market is not a cakewalk. Choosing the best one is crucial for the piggies to ensure their movements are not restricted. Pet owners might be new to this cage and willing to know more about it. There are myriad choices available from the perspective of C&C cages, but the buyer should know that not every cage is manufactured equally. Therefore, it is crucial to carry out research for the grids that will be the best for the piggies. So, below are some top factors to consider before purchasing a C&C cage.

  • Not every Cage grid is meant for smaller guinea pigs

A squared grid of 8×8 or 9×9 will not be the right choice if the guinea pigs are babies because the cage has big holes. The best choice for small pigs with an age of fewer than eight weeks is Kavee’s grid. This grid has small holes with thin meshing.

  • The size of C&C cages is big.

Meticulous planning is crucial before selecting the C&C cage for the piggies because they are big. But this bigger size of the cage makes it a perfect choice for guinea pigs, as it gives them enough room. The cage comes in multiple ranges of sizes, and the buyer has the choice to choose the best for their piggy. Giving the largest cage is always a good decision, but ensure it does not backfire, as it can squander your money.

  • A cage with a stand is a green flag.

A stand with a cage is a cherry on top for the owner. It has a lot of advantages and mutually benefits the piggies and the owner. The cleaning process becomes easier, and the pet owner can take care with much ease with the help of a stand. The owner does not need to bend frequently to clean and care for the piggies and the cage. It is a good thing for owners, especially those suffering from back issues.

Being prey animals, guinea pigs are always intimidated and are vulnerable to being a victim of other enormous animals. So, keeping the stand on the cage will make them feel more secure. Installing storage boxes underneath the stand can help the owner to keep piggies-related accessories in the box.

  • The cage can be used indoors and outdoors.

By modifying the cage a bit, the owner can make it limitless. With some modification, the guinea pigs can roam outside without worry. The owner can place the cage anywhere they want without being hesitant. All they need to do is ensure the pigs are safe from predators.

  • Bedding selection will not be restricted

C and C cages allow the pet owners to select bedding alternatives like paper or wood shavings that will be most suitable for the guinea pigs. Fleece liners are also popular for cases and are hypoallergenic, warm, eco-friendly, and super soft.


These were some of the many surprising and useful facts about C&C cage. The benefits of the cage are many and can be discussed with the sellers more thoroughly.

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