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How to Care for your Parrot When on Holiday

As you probably know, parrots are very intelligent birds and if you happen to have a parrot as a pet, going away means finding someone to look after your bird while you are away. You might be lucky and have a trusted neighbour who will pop round to feed and water the bird, otherwise you will have to find a suitable alternative.

Specialist Bird Boarding

Fortunately, there is affordable bird boarding in Sydney from an established facility that cares for a range of animals, including parrots and parakeets, which do require a lot of care. While your pet is with the boarding facility, if there are any behavioural issues like screeching or biting, their in-house experts can begin to deal with these issues. When you return to collect your pet, the trainer would explain how to continue the training, which should result in a cessation of the behaviour.


Parrots are very intelligent birds and therefore do require a level of mental stimulation, which might come on the form of games or activities when the bird is encouraged to interact with the trainer, and if your holiday is looming and you have yet to sort out temporary care for your pet bird, a simple Google search will put you in contact with a local approved animal boarding centre, and you can book a tour of the facility.

The Right Nutrition

Parrots need to have a suitable diet that includes fruit, nuts, vegetables and sprouted seeds, so when you are away, you won’t have to worry that your pet is lacking in anything. The facility has full CCTV coverage of all its guests 24/7, so your pet is in very good hands, which gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your holiday.

Vet Examination

When you bring your pet parrot to a boarding facility, their in-house vet would carry out a thorough examination to ensure the animal is free from disease and is in good health. The boarding staff fully understand the intellectual capabilities of parrots and therefore they play games and socialise the bird to give it the mental stimulation it needs.

When talking to the staff at the boarding facility, mention any behavioural issues you are having with the bird and they can begin correctional activities and if these are continued, the negative behaviour will soon cease.

An online search will help you locate a suitable boarding facility for your parrot and you can enjoy your holiday, knowing that your pet is in good hands.

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