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Pet Care Services For Canine Loving Pet Owners

If you are looking for pet care services, look no further than Hounds Town USA. This is one of the few pet care organizations in the nation that offer a wide variety of services. The business started out as a small mobile service for pet owners only, but it has since expanded into many other cities, including Toledo and Cleveland. The company is owned by Susan Montes, who lives in Bend, Oregon. She started the business with her friend, after they both had dogs.

Hounds Town USA offers many different types of pet care services. They offer dog walking, pet sitting, pet grooming and dog training. The pet care services offered are usually very reasonably priced and affordable to most pet owners. Dog walking is usually offered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The dogs will usually pick up their owners from their place, walk around to the location where the owner wants them to go (grocery store, park, etc.) and then return to the owner.

Pet grooming includes dog nail clipping, ear cleaning, brushing and shampooing. Pet sitters are trained to be skilled and caring with cats and other animals. Pet grooming is usually performed while the dogs are indoors in their own little rooms. Pet care sitters can provide services to almost any sized family, including large or very small families with children. They also offer natural pack and give dogs their necessary exercise. There are a number of different pet sitters who work with Hounds Town USA.

Pet taxi services is another type of pet care services offered by Hounds Town USA. This service provides transportation to veterinarian appointments and other destinations. The drivers are skilled and experienced dog drivers, and they typically get their licenses from the American Kennel Club. The service offers luxurious rides for their clients, including custom leather chairs that can be personalized with your favorite scent. Some of the companies offer doggie day spas, in which doggies can relax and enjoy the company of their owners in the company of other doggies.

Some pet care services in Hounds Town USA focus on senior citizen daycare. Some of these services will have live individuals or other elderly dogs, and they will be able to take your pets to the groomers, get their nails clipped and receive baths. Pet grooming daycares will also allow the dogs to be trained to sit on command, to walk on a leash, and to even participate in agility training.

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