What to look for in dog collars

One of the first things people get for their new dog, is a dog collar. And pet businesses have noticed that. The amount of dog collars available in stores sky rocketed a few years ago, and is currently at an all time high. But the times where dog collars were made for function alone are gone. Nowadays, we want something that’s pretty and fashionable too. So, what do you have to look for in a collar? What’s the perfect balance between function and fashion? And where do you find the collar that will show off how adorable your dog really is?

Durability and weather resistance

You don’t want to buy dog collar after dog collar. You want to buy quality. So make sure you focus your attention on materials that are strong and can withstand pulling and tugging. Leather and polyester for example. Aside from that, it’s also smart to choose a weather resistant collar. Dog collars are worn constantly, and it’s just nice to have one that can endure all seasons. Weather resistance comes from using certain fabrics or special coatings. Most weather resistancy collars also provide reflective elements on the collar for better visibility at night.

Ergonomic dog collar

Ergonomy means that there’s science applied to the dog collar design which reduces discomfort. Nowadays we all want to be sure we’re using the best products, and don’t want to use anything that can harm our furry friends. Ergonomic dog collars provide breathable linings and wide paddings, to make sure your dog is comfortable at all times. The ergonomic shapes ensure that the pressure caused by tugging on the leash, is evenly distributed over the neck. This reduces the risk of serious injuries.

Hardware and contact details

Besides the material of the color itself, it’s also important to check the quality of the hardware. You don’t want clisps, locks or buckles to break during a certain hard pull from your dog. That’s why you need durable, strong hardware. Materials like metal stainless steel are perfect for this. And then there’s only one more question you need to ask yourself. Do you want to add your contact information to the collar of your dog? If you do, then make sure to find a collar with either space inside for the information, or a place to hang your pretty dangling information charm.

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