What Your Pet Needs For Car Rides

When taking your pet with you on a car trip, whether to the local vet or a cross-country road trip, they will need supplies! This will keep your pet safe and comfortable throughout the ride, and prepare them in case of any emergency.

This article will relay the travel essentials your pet will need for car rides!

  1. Food and Water (With Bowls)

Prepare your pet’s usual food and treats for the car ride and the trip itself. It should be enough to last until you’re back home.

Water is crucial, which you can keep in a pet water bottle (you can purchase these from PetSwag) to easily quench your pet’s thirst. Besides water bottles, bring their collapsible travel food and water bowls as well.

  1. Collar and Harness (or Leash!)

You will most likely be taking your dog out to walk, regardless of where you go. Because of this, it’s important that has his collar and a no pull dog harness to prevent him from running away once you open those car doors. It will also prevent your god from running and jumping on unexpecting passersby!

  1. Pet Carrier or Restraints

A pet carrier or restraint is one of the most important items for road trips. You can get a secured crate or carrier, or a dog seat belt harness. This will keep your pet secure and in one area, which will prevent it from creating any messes all around the car. Furthermore, your pet staying in one place prevents them from moving around, which can distract the driver or get them hurt in case of accidents.

Along with a carrier or restraint, bring along his favorite blanket or toys to keep him company. This can relieve any anxiety he feels over the car ride, and so he will most likely keep himself busy without thinking of the restraint.

  1. First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen when on the road. Your pet may injure himself from moving around or they feel carsick. Prepare ahead by having a first aid kit filled with the right tools and supplies to treat your pet for minor injuries and discomfort.

  1. Pet Wipes and Waste Bags

As mentioned, accidents happen and not just injuries! Your dog may need to relieve himself, and if untrained, he won’t be able to hold it or let you know.

To prevent you from dealing with a huge mess in the car, it’s best that you have waste bags to easily throw your pet’s mess and poo away. Bring along some pet wipes as well, which will help you clean your pet and any spills or stains made.

  1. Medication and Vaccine Records

If your pet needs medication for certain conditions, make sure to bring these along. Furthermore, bring your pet’s vaccination records as well, as there are dog parks and other areas that will require proof of vaccination.

Wrapping It Up

You can make any car ride with your pet a smoother one when prepared with the right tools and equipment. Purchase and bring in the items mentioned above before your car trip and drive safe with your pet!

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