The main Types of dental chews for dogs and what suits yours!

Firstly, this is why you are going to use dental chews for dogs, it will do this by reducing plaque which then reduces tartar buildup.  This will stop tooth decay and help create healthy gums.

Your bonus.  A happy dog, less dental checkups at the vet, and fresh dog breath.

 These are the main types of dental chews that we will discuss:

  • RAWHIDE dog chews
  • Dental bones
  • Synthetic chews
  • NATURAL edible dental chews

Dental dog chews in detail

FULL Rawhide dog treats

This has gotten a bad rap lately.  And for good reason.


Raw hide can mean anything and often that means completely artificial or with a LOT of additives.

It has gotten a bad name lately because it ended up being the long chewing very cheap Chinese import that was little more than scraps of leather glued together, with unsafe glues.

If you are after any kind of sheet material dog chew, make sure it’s a NATURAL type – we will explore that option later in this article.

DENTAL BONES dog treats

This is usually the best-case option, far better than large corporate compressed veggie chews,

Many vets I have personally met, recommend the lambs neck or kangaroo lumbar bone as the ultimate teeth cleaner.  This is because they have a honeycomb structure of bones that even when dried are not brittle, and the little blades are perfect for scraping tartar or plaque off a dog’s teeth.

Your dog will enjoy eating it too, because even if they don’t chew the bone, they get a lot of protein nutrition and animal fat from the meat on the bone.  This is a whole article by itself, but suffice to say, the dog bone category we sell is one of the largest categories on our site.

Some people will opt for clod bones (load bearing leg bones) – but these can potentially splinter if your dog has exceptionally powerful teeth.

Another great dental bone treat option for your dog is a ribs option.  We prefer kangaroo ribs, because they are the right strength bones and generally the right size. They can be sold as whole rib cages, cages divided into fours, or single ribs (particularly useful if your dog doesn’t have powerful jaws).



Like rawhide bones, many of these contain absolute nasties.  Even if they are made in your own country, they are usually made for profit, which means getting the cheapest plant or plastic material and making the dearest dental shape thing they can for maximum profit.

Synthetic means that the dog should not chew it, if it breaks off, it won’t provide nutrition, it will most likely be a choking hazard.

NATURAL edible dental chews


NATURAL (animal based) are the actual ONLY dental dog treat you should buy, if you want to clean your dog’s teeth well, and provide nutrition at the same time.  They even satisfy a primal urge that makes your dog NATURALLY happy.

Edible chews for the teeth can range from any kind of jerky, to any treat that is bone based.

Then there are uber treats that provide another option, the medicinal treat.  Not only do treats like shark cartilage support joints by regenerating dog cartilage around the knees and hips, but they clean teeth, and provide nutrients to your dog, at a low energy value, so they won’t be fat.


ANY meat jerky cut from a single piece off the animal will work well as a tooth cleaner because the meat muscle strands will act like floss.

Despite what dog food sponsored vets might say, dog bones, appropriate to the size and skill of your dog, are also a great idea.

Unlike plant based dental chews that are just grains stuck together.  Bones were virtually ‘evolved’ to clean teeth and meat jerkies are single ingredient treats that have natural long strands that don’t break into small grains.  They are ideal and ‘built’ for purpose – by nature.

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