Finding A Cat Boarding Facility In Troy: Things To Know!

eading out of town? If you are in Troy, you will find no dearth of boarding options for your beloved cat. Of course, not all cat boarding facilities are same, and as a parent, it is okay to have a few reservations. In this post, we are sharing a few things worth knowing about selecting one.

Ask around

Your fellow cat parents may have a few recommendations. Referrals are always handy for comparing cat boarding facilities, or else, you can simply check on Google for the best-rated ones. Keep in mind that credibility matters over everything else, especially when it comes boarding homes for cats and dogs. Don’t compromise on that aspect.

Check the basics

Facilities for cat boarding Troy MI must be licensed and insured. You need to know where the facility is located, and the kind of services they provide. Many businesses have special cat condos, where your kitty will have enough space to enjoy the stay. It is wise to pay a personal visit to the facility, so that you can check things in person. The area for cats must be temperature-controlled, and away from dogs, if the facility houses dogs and pups, as well. Many cat boarding facilities also have pet taxi services, so after the vacation, you can rely on the service to drop your cat home. If they can also arrange for pick-up, it is always an advantage.

Ask questions

Here are a few questions you may consider asking –

  • Does the kennel have in-house vet, or vet on call?
  • Do they have a procedure for handling any emergency?
  • How many staff members are available within the premise at a given time?
  • Is there common play time?
  • Are the workers trained to handle cats?

Unlike dogs, cats don’t need a lot of grooming services, but you can always enquire if your kitty can get a good massage. More importantly, they must get enough time outside their room or cage.

Think beyond pricing

If you are going away for more than two to three days, you may have your worries about pricing. However, cost shouldn’t be your priority for selecting and comparing cat boarding businesses. What you need is experience and expertise, and a team that will care for your cat. For that, paying a tad more is never a bad idea.

Check online to shortlist a few cat boarding options in Troy.

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